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Winter 2018 Newsletter

Minutes of the Friends of Lower Muskingum River board of directors meeting

Beverly Branch of Washington County Public Library

January 17, 2019, 3:00 p.m.


In attendance were board members Katy Lustofin, Elin Jones, Di Krivchenia, Matt Halfhill, Brad Bond and Doug Albaugh; executive director Tiffany Harvey; and NextGen student board members Liz Reed and Robert Phillips.


The meeting was called to order by president Katy Lustofin.


Minutes of the last board meeting were approved as emailed to the board.




Katy distributed copies of the general ledger (October 1 – December 3) and the profit & loss statement for 2018 that Cindy has prepared.  Cindy will be present at next board meeting and will discuss monthly statements.


Tiffany reported that donations in response to the $15,000 match offered by an anonymous donor totaled $23,100!  Of this amount, $10,000 came from a trust, which wants to remain anonymous.  In addition to the Clif Bar Foundation grant of $7,500, this makes us financially secure for more than a year.


Tiffany has calculated that stewardship of our properties and the conservation easements we hold costs over $9,000 per year.  An endowment to support this in perpetuity would require $210,000 at 5% return on investment.  An endowment to sustain our total expenses, including one staff person, would need to be nearly one million dollars, at 5% ROI.  These amounts could be achieved through bequests.



New Business:


Appreciation of donors –  following Tiffany’s suggestion, we are starting a “Major Donors Club” to recognize donors who give $500 or more in a calendar year.  (We do continue to appreciate smaller donations, as much as ever!)  In 2018, there were eight donations of $500 or more.  We are planning some occasions in coming months to express our appreciation.


Bluebird Boxes – Daryl VanDyne, with the Boy Scouts, says his troop can make ten boxes for the Luke Chute Conservation Area, to replace boxes that have deteriorated and that are now overgrown by trees.


Jim McKibben Property – Jim McKibben, a former board member who now lives in Oregon, owns some property about two miles up river from Stockport.  He is considering donating about 11 acres to us, with almost 1,500 feet of river frontage.  Board members will visit the property as soon as possible.


Continuing Business:


Changing FLMR’s name and logo – the board voted in favor of adopting the name “Lower Muskingum Conservancy,” so we will now become “Friends of Lower Muskingum River dba Lower Muskingum Conservancy.”  Tiffany and Katy will let us know how they want to announce and publicize this change.  Thanks to all the members who expressed their opinion on this.  It was a landslide in favor of the change (only 2 opposed).  Katy reported that Sara Alway-Rosenstock in the Graphic Design Department at Marietta College can have her class design a logo for us for $100 to $150.  The board voted to proceed with this, with the requirement that the logo be simple, easily recognized from a distance, and probably not more than two colors.


Membership – Tiffany suggested offering benefits for membership, including free admission to workshops (like the recent maple syrup workshop).  Elin suggested Dragon Boat cruises.  Tiffany offered the idea of designating one of our potluck picnics as a “Bring A Friend” event.


Clean Ohio application for purchasing Marcum (Graham Road) property – Tiffany has received a letter of intent to sell from Ridgetop Capital, and an opinion of value from the realtor.  Ridgetop will sell at 75% of value, so we can use the 25% savings as our local share required by Clean Ohio.  The Clean Ohio application, which is due April 12, can now be started and Tiffany is working on it.  Some board members will help with it.


Maple syrup workshop – nearly 30 people attended Matt Halfhill’s maple syrup workshop on January 12, which made $185.


Wilson Sanctuary – Blue Ridge Mountain Resources has now offered to pay us $1,000 for their proposed amendment and ratification.  Kathy Ortt and our board members with oil/gas experience say this is still a very low-ball offer, so we will take no action on this.  However, we will continue to try to get quitclaims from the two Wilson heirs who hold a very small interest in the property.



Future Dates:


Next FLMR board meeting – February 14, 3:00 p.m., at Beverly Library.


Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Doug Albaugh, Secretary