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Winter 2018 Newsletter

Friends of Lower Muskingum River

Monthly News Roundup

November 15, 2018


The following is a slightly shortened version of this month’s board meeting minutes, provided to the FLMR membership to keep you up to date with what is going on in FLMR.


In attendance were board members Katy Lustofin, Elin Jones, Sam Powell, Ty Williams, Matt Halfhill and Doug Albaugh; executive director Tiffany Harvey, and bookkeeper/treasurer Cindy Brown.


The meeting was called to order by president Katy Lustofin.


New Business:


Bookkeeper/treasurer — Elin introduced Cindy Brown, who has done our Form 990 (which has been submitted), and who has agreed to be our bookkeeper/treasurer.  Very good!! The Form 990 (the tax return required of non-profit organizations) is available in the FLMR office, or by email on request to anyone who is interested.


Board member resignation – Kenny Sims has resigned from the board, due to job pressures.  He has been a valuable board member and will be missed. He will still be a member of FLMR.


Grant applications — Tiffany explained several important points regarding grant applications.  In order to further our mission of preserving and protecting natural areas, we need to be aware of several factors.  One of those factors is that in order to function, we need money for operating expenses. Many grants are for a specific project but do not include general operating expenses.  However, Tiffany has learned that some environmental education grants do allow as much as 35% of the grant for operating expenses. The board discussed this and agrees that this should be pursued, but with a close look at the amount of Tiffany’s time that would be required.  Increased visibility for FLMR would be another benefit. Another point that Tiffany raised is that granting agencies want to see hard evidence of the benefit of what the applicant does. We all know that preserving natural areas has great benefits, but coming up with quantitative data is more difficult.  Our only projects producing solid data currently are Katy’s insect sampling at the Luke Chute pollinator habitat; the development of the pollinator habitat itself; and probably some ongoing projects at the Field Station. Monitoring usage of our walking trails would be helpful, but would be a major project even with the use of trail cams.  Perhaps we can come up with more ways to quantify benefits of protecting natural areas.


Next Gen student board member – Katy and Cindy explained this program, which provides a learning experience for the student, and gives us input from a (non-voting) student board member, who may become a long-term FLMR member and board member.  The board approved that Katy should apply for a Next Gen student. Amy Elliot is in charge of the program at the college.


Winter event – Matt has agreed to do a maple syrup workshop, on January 12, 1:00 p.m., at Marietta College, Ricky room 102.  There may be a program on beekeeping in February.


LTA Rally – Tiffany showed us a lot of materials, and shared ideas from the Land Trust Alliance Rally she attended in Pittsburgh.  The details are beyond the scope of these minutes, but it was clear that Tiffany profited greatly and brought back valuable information.


Continuing Business:


Newsletter – the fall newsletter has been distributed by email, and it is beautiful.


FLMR Annual Dinner – Tiffany reported that she now has 50 people registered for the dinner, and bids for the online auction totaling $705.  Tiffany went over, and checked off, a list of details she has attended to. Volunteers can arrive at 2:00 or after at Knights of Columbus to help set up.  Check-in and wine social begins at 5:00, dinner at 6:00, presentation by Katy at 6:30, auction at 7:00. Elin reported that she has bought the wine.


Future Dates:


Next FLMR board meeting – Monday December 17, 3:00 p.m., at Beverly Library.


Respectfully submitted,

Doug Albaugh, Secretary