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Marietta’s Rain Garden Initiative

Rain Gardens, Clean River

Marietta’s Rain Garden Initiative


What is Rain Gardens, Clean River?

Rain Gardens, Clean River is a best management practice (BMP) project that FLMR is initiating in Marietta. Our vision is to construct rain gardens in residential, commercial and community areas throughout Marietta where their presence will be most effective in treating stormwater runoff before it reaches our storm drains and flows into our rivers.

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is an attractive landscaping feature planted with beautiful perennial native plants. It is a bowl-shaped or saucer-shaped garden with deep, loose soil, designed to absorb stormwater run-off from impervious surfaces such as roofs and parking lots.


Why do we need Rain Gardens?

Rain is natural; stormwater isn’t. Government studies have shown that up to 70% of the pollution in our streams, rivers and lakes is carried there by stormwater. Although most people never think about stormwater, about half of the pollution that stormwater carries comes from things we do in our yards and gardens!

Benefits of a Rain Garden

“An inexpensive, simple to implement and environmentally sound solution to urban stormwater runoff.”

A Rain Garden will…

  • Filter runoff pollution
  • Recharge local groundwater aquifers
  • Conserve water
  • Improve water quality
  • Protect rivers and streams
  • Remove standing water in your yard
  • Reduce mosquito breeding
  • Increase beneficial insects that eliminate pest
  • Reduce potential of home flooding
  • Create habitat for birds & butterflies
  • Survive drought seasons
  • Reduce garden maintenance
  • Enhance sidewalk appeal
  • Increase garden enjoyment