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FLMR Spring 2019 Newsletter

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Monthly News Roundup

February 25, 2020

The following is a slightly shortened version of this month’s board meeting minutes, provided to the FLMR membership to keep you up to date with what is going on in FLMR.

In attendance were board members Katy Lustofin, Di Krivchenia, Matt Halfhill, Ty Williams, and Doug Albaugh; prospective board member Rick Mayle; and executive director Tiffany Harvey

The meeting was called to order by president Katy Lustofin.

Priority Business:

Hulls conservation easement violations – Our arbitrator is Laura Curliss, of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Jim Diehl refuses to cooperate with arbitration.  Laura suggested that we send him a list of arbitrators to choose from, and give him two weeks to respond, before taking him to court or mediation.

Annual dinner planning – 48 people are now signed up to attend the dinner, which will be on March 7.  Board members volunteering to help set tables should arrive at the K of C hall at about 4:00.  The auction will be open for bidding online up until the dinner, and at the dinner as a silent auction.  Katy will prepare envelopes for donations, and donors will be given a choice of donating to our unrestricted operating account, our stewardship fund, or our new endowment fund at Foundation for Appalachian Ohio.  Katy distributed a list of suggested talking points for board members to use in conversation with guests at the dinner, and at future events.

Prescribed burning – Tiffany made contact with Justin Wickham, who is the prescribed fire manager at The Wilds, and who will supervise our prescribed burn at no charge to us.  Justin met with Tiffany, Ty, and Doug, at our pollinator habitat on February 18.  Ty has been in touch with Stockport fire chief Scott Edelblute, who signed our application to EPA for a burn waiver.  Justin will take care of the application.  It will take at least ten days to get EPA approval.

New Business:

Membership Chair – Quincy Robe has stepped down as membership chair, after 13 years of service in that position.  His renewal billings and personal thank you notes have been of major importance to us.  Di Krivchenia has agreed to be our new membership chair.

Records security – Katy has set up a Google Drive to which she has copied all our policies, monitoring reports, and other critical records.  This gives us multiple levels of backup, and is accessible to board members.

Foundation for Appalachian Ohio – our new fund at FAO is an excellent opportunity for us, because from now until June 30, 2021, all donations up to $5,000 per donor will be matched dollar for dollar.  However, we must be aware that this is an endowment fund, and we will have access only to the interest earned (this was reported incorrectly in last month’s minutes).

Executive Session (board members only) – the board attempted to clarify the executive director’s relationship with the board.  It was generally agreed that Tiffany should proceed with most FLMR business, based on her own judgement.  Major decisions require discussion and approval by the board.  It would be difficult or impossible to draw a line between what does and does not require board approval.  This requires common sense and good communication between the executive director and the board.  Katy is and should be Tiffany’s primary contact, and Katy will identify issues to be brought to the board.  However, Tiffany should feel free to communicate with any board member at any time.



Future Dates:

Next FLMR board meeting – March 24, 9:30 a.m., Riverbend Restaurant, Beverly.

Annual Dinner – March 7 at 5 p.m.

Future board meetings:  April 21 at Riverbend; potluck picnics at Luke Chute start in May.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Albaugh, Secretary