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Fairfield Tract

Acquired: 2006. Purchase made possible by a generous donation from LMC members John and Pauline Lee.

Size: 7.9 acres

Location: Washington County, Fairfield Twp., access from Cemetery Road (T-78), off of State Route 550. (Part of 262-acre Fractional Section Number 7, Number 13 and Number 25, Town 7, Range 11.)

Description: This triangular tract is bounded on two sides by the West Branch of the Little Hocking River, and has 1700 feet of frontage on the river. The land slopes very steeply up from the river, with many rock outcrops and small caves. The entire property is wooded, with many large trees, and many species of woodland wildflowers.

Public Access: The access road and parking space are somewhat primitive and there is ample opportunity to get your vehicle stuck. The property is at least a 20-minute walk from the parking point. Boundaries are irregular and not well marked. Therefore it is highly recommended that first-time visitors make arrangements with an LMC member for a guided tour.

Neighboring Properties: The adjoining property on the east side was recently purchased by a timber company and was clear-cut. (That’s what motivated John and Pauline Lee to save this tract.) However, there are other properties in the vicinity that either are or may in the future be protected by conservation easements. The adjoining land on other sides of the property is wooded.

Environmental Factors: The very steep rocky slopes support a rich flora, but the soil is thin and subject to erosion. Visitors should stay on the level ground along the river.

Invasive Species: Garlic mustard has been observed on the other side of the Little Hocking River from the property.