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10 Ways You Can Help

How You Can Help The Lower Muskingum Watershed


1. Become an active member of Friends of Lower Muskingum River.

2. Volunteer for restoration events at a FLMR conservation project near you.

3. Volunteer for restoration events at a FLMR conservation project even if it is further away.

4. Donate property either as a conservation project or to be sold to fund conservation projects.

5. Donate money to FLMR – if you prefer it be used for water quality projects, land acquisition, stewardship, or other interest areas, so indicate on your check. Donations may be made as a Memorial or other Tribute to someone. All donations are tax deductible. Grants usually require a local match, sometimes up to 50%. FLMR funds often can be leveraged by a factor of two, three or even four times, but lacking the funds for a match a grant application can’t even be considered.

6. Contact FLMR to discuss placing a Conservation Easement on your property. You and your heirs can still own and use the property with agreed upon restrictions. It can never become a subdivision or a parking lot.

7. Donate bonds, stocks and other securities that have increased in value. Your taxes will be reduced and you will have expanded what FLMR can accomplish.

8. Name FLMR as the beneficiary of life insurance policy. The premiums paid will be less than the value of the policy.

9. Remember FLMR in your will so your financial holdings will continue your work into the future.

10. And most importantly, if you live in the watershed (or even if you don’t) farm and live with the health of the river in mind: properly discard trash and recycling, make sure your septic system is functioning properly, make use of agricultural programs to install riparian buffer zone between row crops and the river bank and keep livestock away from stream banks.