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LMC Membership

Individual Membership ($25)

  1. Reduced cost for Maple Syrup WS
  2. Invite to summer potlucks
  3. Newsletter subscriptions
  4. Free property tour
  5. Canoe tours

Family ($35)

  1. All the benefits of individual Membership

Non-profit ($50) 

  1. Logo on website and in Newsletters
  2. Invite to summer potlucks
  3. Newsletter subscriptions

Corporate ($100)

  1. Logo will be shown on the website and in Newsletters
  2. Invite to special donor events
  3. Subscription to Newsletters

Lifetime ($500) 

  1. All benefits of individual membership at a reduced cost

Why become a member?

Membership provides a reliable source of income for sustaining LMC so we can balance our budget. Many of these expenses are not supported by grant funding but are necessary for us to function as a legal and professional organization. 

Our expenses include: legal defense costs, gas for mowing trails at the pollinator habitat, property insurance (to protect properties from damage), supplies for environmental education, website domain and hosting, seed for pollinator habitats, staff salary, worker’s compensation, and training, telephone, printing, publications, postage, banking fees, advertising, software, gps, computers, and dues and subscriptions.

If you would not like to purchase your membership through the mail:

Please make checks payable to FLMR

Mail to: 

Lower Muskingum Conservancy

348 Muskingum Drive

Marietta, OH 45750