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Wilson Wildlife Sanctuary

Property Description:

Property is a wildlife sanctuary- used for bird watching, hiking, passive use, open to public for these purposes. Timber will never be harvested-only vegetation management will be removal of non-native invasive species so that in 100 years this will be an example of mature forest appropriate for native wildlife.


Wilson Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary Directions:

From Marietta, go north on SR 7 through New Matamoras. Turn left on North Fork Road (TWP 66) which is the second road to the left after New Matamoras. At the top of the ridge go right at “Y” on Early Ridge Road.

Property corner and oil well access road are on the left across from junction with Hutchinson Road (also across from mailbox for Powell, 2060 Hutchinson Road).

Alternate route from the property, continue on Early Ridge, it runs into SR 7 just north of the Washington/Monroe County Line.